Shogi Harbour

An online shogi community for shogi enjoyers around the world!

About Us

Shogi discord led by a shogi professional

We are the biggest shogi community with over 2000 followers on Discord. We regularly organize shogi events, tournaments. We are open to advanced and beginner players with friendly atmosphere!

My Youtube

“I also invite you to my shogi channel on youtube! i have prepared tutorial videos for beginners and more advanced material for more experienced players.

Karo Sensei
Our Story

Once a girl had a dream to become a professional

16 years old girl from Poland learnt about shogi from a manga “Naruto” and fell in love with it. She spent all her days training and learning about shogi. One day she got a chance to fly to Japan and try her skills against real professional player.

Long story short, that girl today is Karo sensei, the first non-Japanese Ladies Shogi Professional player. Wanting to promote shogi to the world she started streaming shogi on Twitch and later made a shogi discord that became Shogi Harbour, the biggest community for English speaking shogi players around the world.

“Let’s spread the joy of shogi to the world!”
Karolina Fortin
Ladies Professional Shogi Player 1 Dan

Don’t forget to check out biggest tournament

Tourney To Series is a 9 round event with categories for various players from beginners to advanced. The prize is a game against a shogi professional player on stream. It is held twice per year so don’t miss it!