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Shogi, the Japanese cousin of Western Chess, is booming in Japan. Professional players enjoy high social status and the game is a popular pastime all over the country. Matches for the major titles enjoy the attention of all major media and millions of people follow the games of the 19 years old prodigy Fujii Sōta.

One of the most often used online visual tool of the International Shogi Magazine (ISM) is the Shogi Playground ( Newly launched in 2017 under the extremely permissive open source Apache License 2.0, it has been featured in almost every ISM issue to date. Its user-friendly features and the fact that it is completely free allows for easy drafting of shogi articles. Behind the scenes though, the programming and know-how needed to setup an online site singlehandedly is a massive task. Without actual experience and software know-how, it would be a challenging task for most people. Today, the ‘International Shogi Magazine’ presents an interview with the man behind the popular app, Mr Yosuke Mizutani, developer of the Shogi Playground app.

I have started playing shogi 10 years ago, being inspired by Japanese manga. At some
point I began to dream about becoming a professional shogi player. In 2017 that dream came
true. I know that many people share with me an even bigger dream – spreading shogi through
the world. I hope this thesis will bring some light onto how to walk toward that goal.