Shogi Harbour is an online community that gathers shogi fans around the world.

Our Mission

To promote shogi around the world

Together we organize shogi tournaments, events. Among us are serious competitive players, shogi streamers and casual shogi fans.

  • Anybody is welcome! We are a family friendly community
  • Any level! From beginner to advanced players – anyone can find their place
  • Any question about shogi is welcome; sharing your games and experiences is encouraged

Discord link: Shogi Harbour Discord
About Karo Sensei

Ladies Shogi Professional &

A Passionate Shogi teacher

My name is Karolina Fortin and I was born in Poland.

I only learned about shogi at the age of 16 from a manga. I played online a lot, honing my skill.

Then, I spent most of my twenties in Japan training and playing professionally. I was the first non-Japanese player to become a professional player.

After achieving Ladies Professional 1 dan I have retired from active play, now I concentrate on shogi promotion and my new family life.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“The main focus of this server is to help people get better at shogi by providing various resources and post game analysis after every match. Also to make shogi more popular via tournaments (winner plays Pro) and being a friendly community.”
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