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International Shogi Magazine is suspended. You can keep promoting your shogi activities using my blog, webpage or youtube channel.

International Shogi Magazine was a project that had published 4 issues of ISM thanks to the cooperation of volunteers. You can read more about it below, together with the full free issues.

At the very bottom you can find Portuguese version translated by Danilo Emboaba e Jonathan Rodrigues. (A revista original está em inglês. A versão em português foi traduzida por Danilo Emboaba e Jonathan Rodrigues.)

While researching shogi development in Europe for my master thesis, I have found many problems that shogi societies are bothered with, for example lack of teaching materials in English, lack of knowledge of how to teach shogi, and lack of information exchange between countries. It is hard to solve those problems quickly – making of the new books is time consuming and information about shogi in other countries is spread in different places on the web.

This is my idea for the solution – making a magazine about shogi:

  • written by shogi enthusiasts and volunteers (anybody can share their experiences)
  • online and free (available for everybody)
  • publishing once per three months (good articles need time)

The magazine contains thoughts, impressions, reports, own analysis, commented games, newest strategies, news from the world, gallery with photos and discussions on various topics.

We hope that it will allow the shogi world to get a “voice” and a platform to exchange information and views. Those are important for shogi promotion in the world.

If you would like to join the project or share your ideas, please contact me by email or send a message on Facebook ISM group.

Karolina Styczynska (now Fortin), Chief Editor of International Shogi Magazine

ISM 4/2019 (PDF file 18.5 MB)

International Shogi Magazine Issue 4

Table of contents:

  • A Word from the Editor – Karolina Styczynska
  • Special contest for the best articles 
  • Ask us a question and we will find the answer! – Johan Kocur
  • Shogi Dojo Lyon and other study materials – Frederik Wiethölter
  • Message from I-tsu-tsu Co. Ltd. – Akiko Nakakura
  • Shogi Mini Puzzles (part 2) – Koji Horiguchi
  • The element of surprise – Lim Zhuo Loon / Jim Tan
  • Wroclaw Shogi Club – Krzysztof Sieja
  • The basic philosophy on Shogi (2) – Ng Teck Sen
  • Development of Shogi in Indonesia Q1 2019 – Nicholas Robert Beckham
  • Shogi Australia – First Steps Of Shogi In The “Land Down Under” – Frank Jia

ISM 3/2019 (PDF file 35 MB)

International Shogi Magazine Issue 3

Table of contents:

  • A Word from the Editor – Karolina Styczynska
  • Ask us a question and we will find the answer! – Johan Kocur
  • WSL 2019 Invitation – WSL Team
  • Top Professionals’ Viewpoint: Leading Players Assess Fujii’s Shogi; Part I – Mima Kazo / trans. Richard Sams
  • Shogi Mini Puzzles (part 1) – Koji Horiguchi
  • Ben Hur (Part 3) – Jim Tan
  • Why should you visit 11th Cracovia Shogi tournament? – Krzysztof Sieja
  • The 6th Asia Shogi Tournament 2018 – Jim Tan
  • Keep King and Rook apart! (comic) – Austin Rucker
  • The Basic Philosophy on Shogi – Ng Teck
  • Shogi dictionary – Chi Him Wong
  • FESA data in web application – Adrian Woloszyn

ISM 2/2018 (PDF file 8,4MB)

International Shogi Magazine Issue 2

Table of contents:

  • A Word from the Editor – Karolina Styczynska
  • Illustration – Eric De Las Casas
  • Love Poem from the Heart – Marcel Keitsch
  • Against “Blitzing” in Ranked Games – Krzysztof Stoigniew Sieja
  • Interview with Sota Fujii – Shogi Sekai/Shinta Kitano (trans. Richard Sams)
  • Saving Ben Hur, Part 2 – Jim Tan
  • How to Teach Shogi in Non-Asian Countries? – Grzesiek Adaszewski
  • Shogi Workshop, Report from Malaysia – Ng Teck Sen
  • How about Travel with Shogi Pieces? – Yuji Noguchi
  • Shogi and Neuroscience – Ng Teck Sen
  • Dan/Kyu Scales – Ishikawa Takayuki

ISM 1/2018 (PDF file 15MB)

International Shogi Magazine Issue 1

Table of contents:

  • A Word from the Editor by Karolina Styczynska
  • Subway Rook by Shun Tokuni
  • Ishida Style Basics by Andree Viklund
  • European Ryu by Twan Burg
  • Polish Shogi Championship 2018 – final game review by Krzysztof Stoigniew Sieja
  • From Chess to Shogi by Tyler Brown
  • An Interview with Keiichi Abe, head of Singapore branch, JSA by Jim Tan
  • Pairing systems in amateur tournaments by Krzysztof Stoigniew Sieja
  • Shogi, Martial Art by Nicolas Zellner
  • How to teach shogi by using Mini-games – part 1 by Grzegorz Adaszewski
  • Tsume Shogi Decomposition by Kai Wan Leung
  • Creating tsume shogi puzzles from real endgames by Kai Wan Leung
  • Saving Ben-Hur (Part 1) by Jim Tan
  • Shogi and Chess by Sergej Korchitskij
  • Introduction of Yoninshogi/四人将棋 by Ng Teck Sen
  • The Historian by Frank Rövekamp
  • Militarism vs Democracy: The Debate over Shōgi’s Ideological Character by F. Mondelli

Winners of “Special contest for the best articles”

Issue #1

  • Ng Teck Sen (Ketam Ng)
  • Shun Tokuni
  • Nicolas Zellner

Issue #2

  • Richard Sams
  • Yuji Noguchi
  • Krzysztof Stoigniew Sieja

Issue #3

  • (Horiguchi sensei was popular, I will give him other type of prize since he can have all the souvenirs he wants from Japan)
  • Jim Tan
  • Austin Rucker
  • Johan Kocur

Issue #4

  • Frederik Wiethölter
  • Frank Jia
  • (Akiko Nakakura ladies pro was popular, I will give her other type of prize since she can have all the souvenirs she wants from Japan)
  • Nicholas Robert Beckham

Special prizes:

  • Petr Makhnev (breathtaking design for the second issue)
  • Eric Kuniholm (flawless proof-reading)
  • Eric De Las Casas (amazing cover and illustrations)

Portuguese versions: