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Shogi is a traditional Japanese game for two players. It is similar to chess (therefore called Japanese chess), but most characteristic point is that all the pieces are in use through the game.

No! Anybody can play shogi. But chess experience helps.

There are few online servers like 81dojo, shogiclub, lishogi, kurnik or corespondence servers like littlegolem and brainking.

There are many places online where you can buy boards directly from Japan. Nekomado is a good shop to try, but there are other places worth checking. Try to ask us directly on Shogi Harbour’s discord.

You can google information about local clubs or associations, but you can also check event calendar on FESA webpage.

When the registration is open you have to register through Discord. More information on this page.

There are two types of ranking: kyu/dan or ELO. ELO points are the same as in chess world, the stronger you are the higher the number. Kyu/dan ratings are similar to martial arts: kyu are beginners (from double digits to 1 kyu) and dan players are like black belt holders, advanced players (going from 1 dan up). Getting 1 dan is a big first achievements that one can aspire for.

Shogi Professionals are people who earn money by playing shogi in tournaments organized in Japan. For men one has to be under 26 years of age and win though complex system called Shoreikai. For women conditions are easier, but the age requirement is either under 26 years (JSA) or 40 years (LPSA).

I a ladies professional player, but I am retired, which means that I am not able to join tournaments in Japan anymore.

I recommend joining our discord and finding a good list of materials on #beginner-guide and #shogi-resources channels!

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