Weekly Shogi Ladder

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About Shogi Ladder

Shogi (Teaching) Ladder is a club on 81Dojo [1], it is open to players at all levels from novice to expert. The club organizes a “learning tournament” once a week, open to all club members who have a rating on 81Dojo (having played at least 5 rated games). The club has over 170 players from over 35 different countries. New players are joining all the time.

At the end of the registration period (typically, Thursday/Friday), the tournament organizer will match players with each other. Each player will play two rated (even) games, one with a player ranked above them, and one with a player ranked below them. The players should schedule these games in a mutually convenient time between Friday-Monday (UTC time), preferably by using the discord channel [2]. At the end of the game, the players will analyze it together and try to help each other improve. This post-game analysis is key, it is the teaching/learning part of the teaching ladder.

Playing regularly and analyzing your games is one of the best ways to improve. To join the club, simply follow the link [1] and ask to join; you will be notified of the weekly tournaments via email (sent to the address you provided 81Dojo when you registered).

We hope to see you there!

GLGR, Shogi Ladder Club Director

[1] 81Dojo / Shogi Ladder Circle

[2] Shogi Ladder has a channel hosted on Shogi Harbour’s discord server; the teaching ladder was founded by players in the Shogi Harbour community, and there are many players there who are happy to discuss shogi and help beginners. We’d be happy if you could join us there: Disboard link