Title: Get strong at shogi series: 1 move tsume

Author: Japanese Shogi Association

Editor: Mynavi

Format: manga size (tankoubon)

Number of pages: 240

Link to buy the book: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/4839965196

Don’t be fooled cause there is Fujii Souta on the cover. This book has been written by the Japanese Shogi Association and Fujii Souta recommends it. The goal of this book is to get strong at resolving 1 move tsume shogi (shogi check mate) problems and learn some basic patterns. Although is written in Japanse, you can use Google Translation or similar apps on you mobile device to translate the explanations or simply resolve the problems and look the solutions. The book has 4 sections:

  • 1st section explains the rules of shogi and the rules of tsume shogi.
  • 2nd section gives us some basic patterns to resolve 1 move tsume shogi.
  • 3rd section has 140 tsume shogi problems with a title and a theme. The solution is behind, with a sentence which helps to remember how to resolve this kind of tsume shogi, the solution and an explanation.
  • 4th section has 4 advance tsume shogi problems and 6 “Choose the right piece to do the tsume shogi”.

This is a good book for those who are beginning to play shogi because they are going to learn some basic patterns and improve on resolve 1 move tsume shogi problems for the end game.

Written by DarkNekros

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